Shell Gasoline

Blind Bay Village Grover is proud to offer Shell's exclusive Nitrogen-Enriched gasoline as well as Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel!

The three grades of Shell Gasoline (Bronze, Silver, and V-Power) all contain Shell's patented Nitrogen-Enriched Cleaning System that helps remove engine gunk that can be left behind from lower quality gasoline.

Shell's V-Power has five-times the amount of cleaning agents required by Canadian Government standards and the highest concentration of their Nitrogen-Enriched Cleaning System.




We also carry marked V-Power gasoline for all of your off-road needs. The dye that is in the marked V-Power has no effect on the quality of the gasoline, +

which means that you are getting top quality

V-Power gasoline for the price of Bronze!

*You can also earn Air Miles on your fuel purchases. We have many different promotions going on throughout the year.

Read more about Shell V-POWER NiTRO+