New Items


Our Store Values our customers. Here you will find what exciting new products we have to offer, many based on customer requests:

New Items:

New this week. Sparkling Ice beverage. Real fruit flavours in a Canadian sparkling water.


Try a bag of Hardbite Chips in a variety of different flavours. Made in Pemberton, BC with locally grown potatoes! 

For you Silk Lovers be sure to try the newly stocked Vanilla Coconut.

Now In store. Fresh Is Best Habanero Hot sauce & Taco sauce. 


On your next Taco night be sure to check out all the new Salsas, Spices & sauces to help you out.

Oikos Triple Zero Mixed Berry Yogurt. With 25% less sugar.

Activia B.L Regularis Probiotic Peach & Mango yogurt.

Try a box of Asian Insperations Ginger Beef on your next Chinese night.

Kettle Brand Chips now available in Yogurt & Green Onion or Honey Dijon.

For you tea drinkers be sure to try Oteas brand tea. Available in three different varieties.

Now in store. Western Family Chips. Available in Five Tasty varieties. Made in Calgary, Alberta with local potatoes!

OMG's Chocolate graham peanut clusters. Try some today.

Reeser Single serve Burritos, Available in Beef & Bean or Red Hot beef.

Daiya gluten & dairy free Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake. Try one for dessert.


Brought in by special request. Mini Reeses Pieces Baking chips.

Now in store. Snow Farms Whole Dried Blueberries.

Try adding some SuperGrains Chewy Granola Bars to your next kids lunch.

Eat Real Quinoa & Kale puffs. Now in a Jalapeno Cheddar flavour.

Western Family Hickory Smoked Almonds or Smokey BBQ Peanuts. Try some today.

For you Tea drinkers be sure to try some Celestial Bengal Spice.

Now Instore Moondarra Cream Cheese. Available in Cranberry & Macadamia or Fig & Walnut. 


McCormick Crushed Chipotle Peppers

Efferve Lemonade. Available in Pear, Blood Orange & Pink Lemonade.

The Bay Tree. Spicy red pepper marmalade.

Sea Haul Crab Meat. 100% natural crab meat.

Try a box of Barilla Spaghetti on your next pasta night.

Western Family Asparagus Tips. Now In store.

Try a bottle of Golden Dragon Szechuan Sauce in your next stir fry.

Now in store. Western Family Small White Beans. 

Raincoast Crisps now available in three new flavours. Try some today

Try a bottle of Salsaverde or Salsadiablo on your next Taco night.




We’re always open to hearing anything that you want to share with us. If you want to suggest something that you’d like to see in the store or just some general feedback we’d love to hear from you.

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